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There are thousands of ham radio-related web sites on the internet. The list below is just to help get you started in the right direction. Often one site will offer links to still more sites. You can also use a Search Engine to help locate a site of specific interest. 

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General Amateur Radio Sites  and  Pages With More Links

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Call Sign Lookups

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Classifieds - Buy and Sell New and Used Equipment

Community Service


Crystal Radios

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Digital Modes

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DX (long distance contacts)

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Equipment and component Vendors

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Electronics/ Radio Theory

FCC Information

Fox Hunting (Transmitter Hunting)

Frequencies, Local


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bullet Examination sessions - ARRL list of upcoming, nearby sessions
bullet Test question pools
bullet Practice exam
bullet Renewing your license on-line
bullet Vanity callsigns

Low Frequency (LowFers)

Remote Controlled Stations

  • DX Tuners (Web SDR) - control a distant station via the internet. Listen to your signal at that station!



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bullet General info on amateur radio satellites (AMSAT page)
bullet AMSAT (home page)
bullet ARISS
bullet Satellite Frequency Guide (ICOM)
bullet Space Communications (ARRL)
bullet Space Shuttle - NASA' s Site

Search Engines

You can do your own searches for information on a subject of your choice at these search engine web sites:

bullet Altavista
bullet Hotbot
bullet Lycos
bullet Yahoo!
bullet Bing

Software (general ham related)


Sound Card Ham Programs

Listed below are URLs for Windows sound card programs. The only Mac program known is MultiMode:


Software for Specific sound card modes:

CW (Morse Code)


MFSK16 (16 tone)

MT63 (64 Multi-tone)




SSTV (Slow Scan TV - single images)

Weak Signal Meteor


Spectrum and Band information




Young Hams