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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club Simplex Frequency:

Club FM Simplex on 145.750 MHz

Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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NPARC Email Reflector 

- About the reflector
- Send a message
- Change your email delivery address
Subscribe a work or phone secondary address
- Change subscription options

- What's my password?

About the Reflector

The Club's email reflector is a way for club members to send a message to all other club members. We use it to:

* announce club meetings and other activities
* ask for information or help on radio related topics
* share information or interesting radio related discoveries
* post "wanted" and "for sale" items
* conduct group discussions

By default, all club member are subscribed to the reflector. If for some reason a club member does not want to participate, they can "opt out" by contacting the reflector manager, but we hope all members will participate so that the reflector can be an effect way to send out important club news quickly and easily.

 Note: Reflector membership is restricted to NPARC members in order to avoid unsolicited commercial postings (spam).

HTML formatted Messages Now OK!
So too are image and PDF files!

Starting in March 2009, HTML-formatted messages can now be sent to the reflector. HTML formatting lets you use different text fonts and colors.

Likewise, PDF and image files (jpg, png) can now be attached to your message.

How To Do Things on the Reflector

If you have any trouble making things happen as you'd like, please contact the reflector manager.

1. Send a message

Club members can send a message to the reflector at:

2. Change Your Email Delivery Address

If you want to change the email address at which you receive reflector email, go to  the Reflector Info web site and enter your email address under section  "C".  On the resulting NPARC list: member options  page, go to section "A." and enter the new email address.

bullet Please do not subscribe with a forwarding address, such as, since you can't send mail to the reflector from such an address; you can only receive it.
bulletAfter you submit your subscription request, you will be sent an email "confirmation request" to make sure it was really you who made the subscription request.

3. Subscribe a Second Address

Users who view their reflector mail on a secondary work station or cell phone may want to subscribe that secondary station's email address so that they can also send mail to the reflector from that secondary station. If the secondary station address is not subscribed, then email from it will be rejected by the reflector.

To subscribe the second address, go to Reflector Info web site and section B.

If you do subscribe the secondary address, you may start to get two copies of each reflector message -- one to your primary address and one to your secondary address. To avoid this, turn off mail delivery to the secondary address:  go to the Reflector Info web site and enter your secondary email address under section "C.". On the resulting NPARC list: member options page, go to section "E." and disable "Mail Delivery". Even though delivery will be stopped to the secondary address, you will still be able to send mail from that address.

4. Change your Subscription Options

The reflector website offers you many options for customizing your reflector account: go to the Reflector Info web site and enter your email address under section "C.". On the resulting NPARC list: member options  page you can:

bullettemporarily stop delivery, e.g. a vacation hold
bulletreceive one digest of yesterday's postings instead of the individual, real-time postings
bulletchange your password
bulletchange other delivery options

5. Passwords

Note that you will need your reflector-issued password for these actions. This passwords is sent to you each month by QTH. If you don't have it:

bulletLook in your mail reader program for a deleted email with a subject of: mailing list memberships reminder

bulletAsk the reflector to resend your password: go to  the Reflector Info web site and enter your email address under section  "C".  On the resulting NPARC list: member options page, go to section "D."

Note: The reflector is hosted by a non-profit ham radio site called . The club sends an annual donation to QSL to help support this valuable service.


Subscription Management via Reflector Info web site

Archives (old messages)

Reflector Rules and the 10 Commandments of Email

Questions or Problems:
Contact the Reflector Manager at:

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