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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club FM Simplex on 145.750 MHz

Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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Technical Articles in Spark Gaps

Below is a list of technical articles (mostly submitted by K2UI) that have appeared in the Spark Gaps over the recent years in reverse chronological order. This information was originally provided by Jim Stekas K2UI and sometimes has the NOTES column filled out to help identify articles that might be of interest.

Note: These are links to the articles within the edition of the Mountain Spark Gaps identified, but depending on your browser configuration, you may need to scroll through the PDF to find the technical article (which is often on the last few pages of the Spark Gaps issue).

May 2024 "What is the Frequency of a PSK Signal?"
Apr 2024 "Zero Bandwidth CW"
Mar 2024 "Rethinking Field Day Antennas"
Feb 2024 "NanoVNA Measurement of Transmission Line Impedance"
Jan 2024 "Power-On Reminder Lights" Contributed by Ken Hanzl - W2IOC
Dec 2023 "Optimized Wideband Antenna"
Nov 2023 "Raspberry PI 4 GNU Software Defined Radio Prototype" Contributed by Jay Morreale - KD2ZRO
Oct 2023 "The Field Strength Meter"
Sep 2023 "History of TV Channel 1"
Aug 2023 "Ins and Outs of Coax Shields"
Jul 2023 "A Power Supply Monitor"
Jun 2023 "NPARC Propagation Tests – Preliminary Results"
May 2023 "The Gator Gadget, a Handy Soldering Aid"
Apr 2023 "Magnetic Loop Magic"
Mar 2023 "Putting Your Wall Warts to Work"
Feb 2023 "Oscilloscope Probe Circuit"
Jan 2023 "Useful Measurements from Your S-Meter"
Dec 2022 "Using fldigi With Multiple Rigs on Raspberry Pi"
Nov 2022 "Universality of Murphy’s Law"
Oct 2022 "Blasts From Junkbox Past"
Sep 2022 "Optimum Signal Combining"
Aug 2022 "Antenna Displacement Currents"
Jul 2022 "Those Plucky Hams"
Jun 2022 "Father of Filters"
May 2022 "NPARC Field Day Filters"
Apr 2022 "Free Our 6L6s" 6L6 prices out perform Bitcoin and the S & P 500.
Mar 2022 "Raspberry Pi 400"
Feb 2022 "Interaction Between Antenna Elements"
Jan 2022 "Voltmeter Basics"
Dec 2021 "Do Wires Carry Energy?"
Nov 2021 "Eiffel’s Radio Tower"
Oct 2021 "Antenna Models vs. Measurements"
Sep 2021 "SWR … Yet Again"
Aug 2021 "Doppler Effect – Friend or Foe?"
Jul 2021 "Skin Effect"
Jun 2021 "Fiasco Day - 2021" Field Day troubles.
May 2021 "5G Drives New RF Technology"
Apr 2021 "Cosmology Theory & Ham Radio" Proposal for increasing C, the speed of light.
Mar 2021 "Another Month, Another Gadget" The tinySA spectrum analyzer. A K2UI must have.
Feb 2021 "21st Century Contesting" God bless the waterfall display.
Jan 2021 "Care and Feeding of a Dipole Antenna"
Dec 2020 "Raspberry Pi in the Shack" The $65 desktop computer.
Nov 2020 "Antennas for Limited Spaces"
Oct 2020 "Audio CW Filtering"
Sep 2020 "Vintage Linear PSU Repair"
Aug 2020 "The Not-so-Simple Dipole"
Jun 2020 "The Stockton SWR Bridge"
May 2020 "Faraday, Motors and Transformers"
Apr 2020 "Antenna Analyzer Tricks for Sheltering in Place"
Mar 2020 "A Virtual Walk Through NPARC History"
Feb 2020 "The Radiation Paradox"
Jan 2020 "Radio Movie Stars" Some radios seen in TV and movies.
Dec 2019 "Dummy Loads"
Nov 2019 "The NanoVNA"
Oct 2019 "Fun With Ferrite"
Sep 2019 "The Half Wave Dipole"
Aug 2019 "Computer Languages for Hams"
Jul 2019 "Meta Review" Why do we rate our radios so highly?
Jun 2019 "Radio's Secret Sauce"
May 2019 "DF Bearing Estimation Accuracy"
Apr 2019 "The Persuit of Dynamic Range"
Mar 2019 "You Can't Go Home Again"
Feb 2019 "06k Box Treasures"
Jan 2019 "My IC-718 Visits the ER"
Dec 2018 "The Immortality of Standards"
Nov 2018 "On Receiver Sensitivity and Noise"
Sep 2018 "Fun With Coax"
Aug 2018 "My Bogus Antenna"
Jul 2018 "The Sabertooth Dipole" Shortening an antenna by zig-zagging.
"Solutions to D.C. Circuit Problems" Solutions to Jun 2018 Article
Jun 2018 "D.C. Circuit Problems"
May 2018 "Selecting Variable Transmitting Capacitors"
Apr 2018 "Fox Hunt = Ham + Directivity"
Mar 2018 "Fox Hunting Tips"
Feb 2018 "SDR : Basic Digital Signals"
Jan 2018 "Direct Sampling SDR Receiver : FPGA"
Dec 2017 "Direct Sampling SDR Receiver : A/D"
Nov 2017 "HF Receiver Evolution"
Oct 2017 "Sunspot Cycles"
Sep 2017 "“They Want our Bands!”"
Aug 2017 "A Gentle Introduction to I & Q"
Jul 2017 "End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Antennas"
Nov 2016 "Stocking Stuffers for Hams" Some cheap electronics gadgets.
Oct 2016 "Take it to the (Shannon) Limit" Theoretical bit rate limits.
Sep 2016 "Take it to the (Shannon) Limit" Efficient coding of messages.
Aug 2016 "SWR Meter Expander"
Jul 2016 "Ameco AC-1, Bygone Novice Relic" 15 Watt trnasmitter from the 1960's
Jun 2016 "Arduino/RF-Kit Power Meter" Part 3: Arduino code.
May 2016 "Arduino/RF-Kit Power Meter" Part 2: construction
Apr 2016 "Arduino/RF-Kit Power Meter" Hombrew digital power meter.
Mar 2016 "What's Old is New Again" High end SDRs revive direct conversion.
Feb 2016 "Antenna Here is a LIGO with 4km Legs OM" Antennas for receiving gravity waves.
Jan 2016 "Vacuum Valley: Boonton, New Jersey" NJ high tech zone pre-Silicon Valley.
Dec 2015 "Amateur Radio Digital Voice Solutions"
Nov 2015 "Coming Soon to a Repeater Near You …" DMR, threat or menace?
Oct 2015 "The Babe Ruth of Radio" Edwin Armstrong made radio great!
Sep 2015 "The Greatest Overlooked Invention" Negative feedback.
Aug 2015 "Working Extreme DX" Can our signals reach other planets? Stars?
Jul 2015 "A Factor of Two"
Apr 2015 "Transmission Line Theory at DC" The impedance of a transmission line at DC.
Mar 2015 "Q-Codes for the 21st Century" Some needed Q-codes for modern times.
Feb 2015 "Numerical Antenna Modeling" How computer antenna models work.
Jan 2015 "The King of Wire Antennas" R. W. P. King
Dec 2014 "Serge Schelkunoff and the Transmission Line Analogue"

This list will be updated whenever possible after the posting of a new issue of the Spark Gaps containing a technical article.